Preparing for Twins

That moment when you’re at the clinic and the radiologist tells you “It’s twins!”. I know for me, it brought a chill through my body. My initial reaction was complete joy that we are blessed with two, followed up with the realization of what kind of financial impact this will have on us.

In any given situation, a person can “make it work”. It doesn’t matter what needs to be done; it will get done. Michelle and I got busy getting our finances in order, etc etc… 21 months after the “It’s twins!” news, we’re in good shape. (more…)

Father’s Day 2013

Yesterday I had a wonderful Father’s Day. I spent the morning with my wife, two sons and Dad. He was here on business and it worked out perfectly. We all went to Mimi’s Cafe for breakfast. When we arrived home, the boys took their nap while my Dad and I lounged in the pool for a while. I then had to take him to the airport so he could get back home. Later that night we headed to a friends house for some poolside fun.

I received this amazing card from my boys.

My Father's Day Card 2013

Meet Joel

I watched this video with tears in my eyes. As a father, I can only imagine what these parents are going through. I truly respect the people who stay strong even when they have every right to break down.

Wish I Was Here

A few months ago I backed a movie on Kick Starter, Wish I Was Here. From the director of Garden State, Zach Braff was able to create this movie based on the thousands of backers. I love getting the updates from Zach and his team. Today he announced that Anna Kendrick will be joining the cast to play Janine, a young woman who’s into Cosplay.

Anna Kendrick, from the movie "Pitch Perfect"

Anna Kendrick, from the movie “Pitch Perfect”

Detecting Swipe Using jQuery

I’ve run into a situation where I needed to detect if the user swiped on the page and I didn’t want to include a 3rd party jQuery plug-in. By just using the jQuery library, you can detect when a user swipes the page and do whatever you need accordingly. This swipe triggers in any direction. If you want to detect horizontal or vertical only, you’ll have to change the code around a little. (more…)

Site Refresh

My personal site needed a refresh so I decided to bring it up-to-date. I added two new sections, this blog and the lifestream. The blog will serve the purpose of sharing some design and development ideas along with some personal anecdotes. (more…)