Monthly Archives: May 2013

Meet Joel

I watched this video with tears in my eyes. As a father, I can only imagine what these parents are going through. I truly respect the people who stay strong even when they have every right to break down.

Wish I Was Here

Anna Kendrick, from the movie "Pitch Perfect"

A few months ago I backed a movie on Kick Starter, Wish I Was Here. From the director of Garden State, Zach Braff was able to create this movie based on the thousands of backers. I love getting the updates from Zach and his team. Today he announced that Anna Kendrick will be joining the… Read more »

Responsive Web Development

Today I started my first true responsive web development project. I plan on leveraging Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome along with the front-end standard guidelines I put together for my company, D2 Creative. Doing so helps me get the project off the ground with haste. If you don’t leverage existing technologies/libraries, it’s something you should… Read more »