Hittin’ The Gym Again

So this morning was my first day back to the gym and it felt great! When I went to leave to head home, my car decided to not start. It turned over just fine but sputtered to a stop. My first inclination were the spark plugs since not all the cylinders were firing. I was about to call a tow truck but the car started once which was all I needed to get to the mechanic which was a 1/2 mile away.

I had to keep the RPMs under 3k as to not sputter out. I’m now waiting to hear what the damage is.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

I’ve been enjoying playing CS:GO for quite some time. It’s a great FPS game I play with my friends. We have a team: http://team-tng.com. I built the match making WordPress plugin found on the site. It queries VALVe’s API to get player data which pinging the game server every 2 minutes to makes sure all the data is correct. It’s pretty cool.

Thanks to the Mothers

I’ve only been a Dad for a little over 18 months, but after watching this video, I have to say that the toughest job a person will ever have is being a parent. Of course having employment that pays the bills is crucial, but I watch my wife with our twin boys each day (since I work from home) and it’s not an easy task.

Being a parent, especially a mother, is such a thankless job. I guess the reason for this post is to say “Thanks” to all the mothers out there.

iPhone in Washer

Phone in shorts; shorts in washer; 5 minutes later remembered iPhone was in shorts; stop washer; take out iPhone; iPhone OK


I found this new network called Hub and it has some cool shows on it. I’m watching ALF right now and it’s bringing me back.

Will My Kids Code?

Sometimes I wonder if my kids will be interested in the same profession as me: web developer. When they sit on my lap while I’m at the computer they enjoy hitting the keyboard so I dug out an old one I had and gave it to them. It now sits in their playroom and they like to take it out and smash the keys. Next step, show them how to create a simple HTML page. 😛